Hi and welcome to Boogie Boots.

My names Jennifer (Jeni) Bradshaw and have had the pleasure of line dancing since 2006 with an even greater pleasure of teaching since 2012.

So how did it all come about? Well I graduated from Keele University in June 2006 with a joint Honours degree in Psychology and Criminology (nothing to do with line dancing I know) and returned home to my parents. I have always had a passion for swimming (I’m also a fully qualified swimming teacher) and as my Dad went life-saving I returned to this hobby with him on Fridays and Sundays. As I was cherishing the time with my Dad, I wanted the same with my Mum. Mum’s interest was/is line dancing and so I plucked up the courage to ‘tag’ along with my Mum and her friend on a Tuesday evening.

After getting over the stigma of ‘oh my god line dancing’ and realising I was the youngest person there I can safely say that Line Dancing has taken on an entire life of its own within my life and has taken me in directions I never thought possible.

To my surprise I found that Line Dancing wasn’t all cowboy boots, Stetsons, and country music.  I mean I was dancing to Atomic Kitten, The Killers, Kid Rock, Boyzone, Sugababes along with names I’d not heard of but have since come to love such as Garth Brooks, Dean Brody, Keith Urban and many, many others. I love music and have always had an eclectic taste but I have to admit my preference every time is country, rock country and rock in that order!

Thankfully on those Tuesday evenings everyone was so welcoming and helpful it wasn’t long before I was picking up dances and being dragged up on the dance floor by other dancers with the famous ‘it’s easy you can follow us’ line. It doesn’t take long to get settled and having been to several different classes, holidays, social events and concerts I can safely and proudly say that there are very few social groups as caring, loving and accepting as line dancers. You make great friends, some even become like family, you exercise without realising and you will have fun.

It wasn’t long until a couple of ladies similar to me in age made an appearance on Tuesday evenings and once I started talking to them I was quickly invited along to Great Birchwood aka Fort San Antone, Warton where once again Line Dancing took another turn. To see everything that I’d ever imagined Line Dancing to be staring back at me was simply amazing and if you ever have spare time at the weekends get yourself up there. Great people, great food, drinks, live music artists and very reasonable entrance costs.

I am still friends with those particular ladies and wouldn’t be up and running as smoothly with my classes if it hadn’t been for the support from certain people at Great Birchwood.

So the Tuesday evenings turned into Monday evening, Tuesday evening and Wednesday afternoons all when my shifts from work would permit and when I couldn’t get there I hated missing out on learning new dances and playing catch up the following week.


Along with my classes I work full time so if you call me and I’m unable to answer please leave a message with your name and number and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Those Monday and Tuesday evenings where I went as a dancer I now have the humbling honour of getting there early and setting up ready to teach those classes.


Having my own classes came about very suddenly at the beginning of 2012. My teacher at the time said that she was planning on retiring the middle of the year and offered her classes to me. I had covered classes briefly while Ann was recovering from an operation towards the end of 2011 and had set about gaining my BWDA (Best Western Dance Academy) Line Dance instructor qualifications. I am Levels 1,2,&3 qualified, however, prior to completing Level 3 tragically Ann passed away. Her family were aware of the planned handover for mid-2012 and they gave me their blessing to carry on the classes with immediate effect.

I finished February 2012 in a bit of a spin but from 1st March 2012 I have been Boogie Boots of Blackpool and currently going from strength to strength thanks to some wonderful support from family, friends and dancers. Hopefully there’s still a very long way to go and I hope you’ll be there to accompany me on this wonderful journey.


To get my classes up and running I was thrown in at the deep-end but thankfully I’m a pretty good swimmer!

So what are you waiting for come along and make you’re first splash :-)